Tucker saddles and best fit for my lean TWH 4 year old mare - pictures

I have learned so much from my other post about saddle fit for a wide, low withered, dippy back mare. I know I may be S.O.L. on getting a Tucker to fit my other horse, but maybe some of you who ride TWHs can help push me in the direction I need to go to fit my TWH.

I have decided on a Tucker River Plantation or maybe an endurance model.

I know I can send tracings in to Tucker…just want to see what others have used that fit a horse well with similar confirmation.

“Maggs” will be 5yo in April. She came out of a bad situation, but she is turning into a beautiful, loving girl. She will do anything I ask her. She has come a LONG way. She is slender built.

So…medium tree for this girl? Think it’ll work?

I will also add that she has had more ground work than riding. She has probably had about 20 short rides - no longer than 20 min each. I’m waiting until Spring to ride her more…so I’m sure ( and I HOPE ) she gains muscle mass.

I have a Tucker Eq. Endurance saddle. While a medium will probably fit your mare now, I’m guessing if she muscles up more, a wide tree would be better.

I know that, because my wide tree Tucker Endurance no longer fits my mare. ;-( So I’m on the hunt for something different. Want to buy my wide tree 15" seat Tucker Eq. endurance?

This was posted on a discussion about fitting saddles, I think on Facebook. It has a lot of good information in it.

I have to have at least 15.5" seat, but thanks for the offer! Lady Counselor, that link is very informative. Thanks!

Call Summer at saddleupshop.com. She knows Tucker saddles very well and has been very helpful to me in fitting a couple of horses.

Remember that a four year old horse has two to three years of growing left to do. This means what what you buy now may not be what you need when that process is over. This argues for a good, used saddle now and save your money for the “right” saddle when the horse is fully mature.


Walking Horse? Seconding Guilherme’s advice! Still a baby with that breed.