Tummy support for horse moving day?

Hi all
Is it helpful for a horse to have something in their tummies to help with the stress of moving? Its only a short ride to the new barn, and the horse travels easily. But a new barn is a big deal, right? WWYD?

Last move I did was Sucralfate a couple of hours before the move, another dose that evening (it was a morning move) and another dose the next 2 mornings. My “I couldn’t possibly eat because this is such a big deal” horse kept mowing down as though she hadn’t been moved at all … behaviour, otoh, well, let’s say a chain may have been involved for the first couple of trips from her stall to the turnout and back. Note, it took me literally YEARS to figure out exactly how to dose for exciting situations and your horse may need none or a longer period of support.

Hay. Their tummies should always have something in them to cut down on the acid splashing around.


I agree on the hay! You could also give some Ulcergard too

Ulcerguard! Starting a couple days before the move and going a few days after