Turnout blanket slipping back

Is there anything I can do to prevent my turnout blanket from slipping backwards? It ends up about the middle of his withers.

Little back info. My horse is a 5 yr old QH. He is slender built. Everyday when I get my gelding up to feed, the blanket has slipped back. It is a 72’ Back On Track mesh sheet. It does fit my horse and he has normal wither conformation. I’ve talked to a lot of other horse owners who have a BOT mesh sheet and it seems like this is a common issue. I have the belly straps crossed and it has two leg straps. I buckle the chest buckle on the second to tightest and the bottom buckle on the tightest.

I’m wondering if maybe adding memory foam to make the wither pad thicker would help? Or maybe cutting the elastic on the shoulder gussets.

My BOT used to do this. I folded the neckline on either side of the withers in a little V as a dart and sewed it. It wasn’t hard and solved the problem.

Neck opening needs to be smaller. Try tightening the lower fastener/buckle tighter than the upper one to hold the blanket more forward. If that doesn’t work, new blanket or neckline alterations to current one by taking tucks on binding around neck opening (one on each side of neck). If you stay on the binding, you will not ruin waterproofing with needle holes.

The 69 is too small and the 75 too big. It’s not waterproof, it’s a mesh sheet.

Could you explain altering the neckline a little more? It’s a very expensive sheet to be cutting/sewing on.

I have a Paint gelding who is built like his TB ancestry, not the QH stocky build. He is narrow in front with prominent withers. I bought some turnout blankets years ago that fit perfectly. Unfortunately they are no longer around. I tried many brands, including Weatherbeeta, Pessoa, and SmartPak, and his shoulders were soaked because the neck is cut too large for him. The owner of the store where I ordered the original batch recommended Horze Avalanche. They have plenty of adjustment over the chest and a high neck with a triangular gusset added so they don’t rub on the withers. I blanket because he is 25 and on pasture board in southern Maine. He has a complete wardrobe for everything from rainstorms to blizzards. The extras went to the refuge barn .

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Was that a typo? Because they do come in 72"…

You don’t have to cut the sheet. Just take a pinch on the neckline on each side and sew it down.

Having said that, the mesh BoT sheet is made from high friction material and will stretch and crawl backwards on the horse. Neck darts will stop it going back over your horse’s withers.