Tying a horse in a Brenderup Solo - options?

Where do you tie your horse inside a Brenderup Solo? The loops near each side of the chest bar seem to make the horse 'off center" and mine has figured out how to turn around as soon as you untie him. I would like to tie him straight ahead but the ring in the front is too low. Any thoughts?

I always used the low ring under the front window of my Brenderup Solo for tying while trailering my gelding. I had a long trailer tie with a panic snap on the ring end, and a regular spring loaded snap for the halter end. Long enough to eat hay and drop his head to clear his sinuses, short enough that he could not turn around while in the trailer.

First step in unloading was to drop the ramp. From the side door, I would unsnap the halter end of the trailer tie, place the trailer tie on the front chest bar to keep it out of the way, snap a lead rope on the halter and leave it loose, then casually walk back to release the butt bar.

OTTB would stand until I pulled on his tail and directed him to back down the ramp as straight as possible. He would drag the lead rope out of the trailer as he slowly backed out, and I could catch any attempted escape maneuvers very easily while he was standing on the ramp.

This routine even worked for the small Arab mare who COULD turn around inside the trailer. I think the lead rope snapped to the halter made them think they were still tied, until I pulled on the tail and said ‘OK’ to back them down the ramp.

Never had an issue…

I have a Brenderup Solo, and I will agree that there are not enough loops. I can’t every find the right place to hang a hay net.

I tie from the tie ring right in front with The Clip.

Having the horse turn around is a real problem. Both my current horse and my previous horse did it (not in transport, but in loading or unloading). The trailer is wide enough for them to try it, but not wide enough for it to be OK.

With my previous horse, I didn’t feel safe being in the trailer with him, so I unloaded him with a 20-ft leadrope looped over the chestbar. I was outside holding one end of the rope. The other end was connected to his halter.

If he tried to turn around, I would pull my end of the rope, and the pulley affect with the chestbar would straighten his head back up.

With my current horse, I do feel safe being in the trailer with him. I go in through the human door and just back him out so he can’t turn around.

It’s a little tricky. I know what you’re talking about.

I use the ring on the wall of the trailer, above the chest bar. I tie the haynet to a ring just under the window. For us, it’s never been an issue.

I tie (with a breakway tie and she wears a breakaway halter) with enough slack so she can turn her head and look back over her shoulder , but can’t go further than looking. She is only tied on one side, as I want her to be able to move her head around, look out the windows, etc. She doesn’t know that she can turn around in there, fortunately.

Just to ask the stoopid question – is it a problem that your horse turns around before unloading? If the trailer isn’t moving, and is still attached to your truck, I would think it could be okay.


Just to ask the stoopid question – is it a problem that your horse turns around before unloading? If the trailer isn’t moving, and is still attached to your truck, I would think it could be okay.[/QUOTE]

My small 14.2 Arab mare did turn around once, and GOT STUCK half-way around, looked like a scared pretzel for a moment … luckily, the trailer walls gave a little and she was able to scramble around and exited walking forwards. Scary moment, never want to repeat that again…

Exactly. This is exactly what both of mine have done. Very scary!

I have a friend with one, and hers has cross ties. Do they not all have cross ties? Perhaps you could get them installed.

Cross ties are a good idea. I hadn’t thought of that myself. But it doesn’t resolve the issue of them trying to turn around when offloading.

I have a Brenderup Royal and I have been known to haul with the divider out so…

Even with the Royal, I don’t think there is enough room for them to safely turn around - especially for my long bodied big guys.

Basically, I’ve trained my horses to self-load and unload and it really wasn’t that hard. The cue for walking up onto the trailer is throwing the lead rope up and over their necks and telling them to “walk on”.

Unloading I go up front, and unclip their heads. I put a lead rope on their halter and make sure it’s on the inside of the chest bar. Then I go around, drop the ramp and the butt bar. The horses stand until I grab their tail and lightly tug and say “back.” Each back command means take one step backwards. So, for me unload it’s “Back, back, back, back”, grab the lead rope and lead them the rest of the way out.

I haul by myself nearly 100% of the time and I refuse to get into confined spaces with any horse so training this technique was a necessity. Only took a couple of weeks and impresses the crap out of anyone who sees it.

I have a Baron, and sometimes haul one with the divider out. I hook up cross-ties using the loops near the chest bar. Works great.