U.S. Show Jumping Team for the World Championships in Denmark


I am delighted by how young this team is, overall.


Funny, I had pretty much the opposite reaction for the same reason. Lol.

Does anyone know if the US team needs to do something specific there to qualify for the next Olympics?

I found it interesting that Kent F. and Laura K. were left off in favor of Brian M. and Lillie K. I’m guessing that’s because we are erring on the side of development here?


Well, they’re young, but it’s not like they’re wearing a red coat for the first time. :wink: Adrienne has certainly turned in a string of solid results with Cristalline, who is a dynamite horse. Lillie and Brian have recent placings at the 5* level and Jessica as reserve was part of our silver team.

Is it necessarily our best of the best? Maybe not, but our next generation of top riders is not going to get to that level by staying at home. We are already showing up at the next Olympics. I’m excited that that next generation of top riders has reached the point where they are considered for major teams. So much for kids these days not knowing how to ride, the equitation pipeline not producing serious candidates for show jumping, and all the other things we like to say about a photo showing a single moment in time of one junior rider over one jump at finals.


It’s also interesting to me to compare pictures of past equitation winners with their current style in the jumper ring. Some of them have stayed pretty close to their earlier form. And others… have not. Lol.

But if they’re winning big jumper classes, then it works for them.

I turned on USEFNetwork to watch some jumper class or other this spring and spent the first few minutes fiddling with my TV because the image quality wasn’t good- the whole screen was super pixelated and it was difficult to tell what was happening. But despite not being able to see enough to know if the jumps were still up, I did know it was Brianne Goutal riding. The only change is that she’s riding different horses and the jumps got bigger.

Yes, she’s also been showing some hunters in the last couple of years and displaying very smooth style in the process.

We’re already qualified given our silver medal from Tokyo

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I thought that was right as well, but I couldn’t find confirmation of it, did you?


Lillie is also taking dressage instruction from Louis-Marcelle Eadie, Gold/Silver USDF medalist who has trained horses to GP. At her first dressage shows in Ocala this season she placed in multiple Small Tour classes.

Europeans know the importance of dressage. Hopefully the US will get with the program,


Americans also know the importance of dressage. The junior riders who show in the equitation finals- the show jumping development pipeline I mentioned upthread- are capable of executing third level movements, some of which may be tested at the finals, and certainly our Grand Prix riders are schooling their horses effectively on the flat. Proper flatwork gymnasticizes the horse and improves the rider’s timing, balance, and communication and it is integral to effective show jumping riding, as demonstrated by Americans among other nations at the highest level of the sport.

Lillie is improving her skills by training with a specialist. That doesn’t mean she didn’t have the skills or that any given jumper rider doesn’t know they are important.


Adrienne and Cristalline were on the team that won gold at the last World Championships, I remember her jumping for joy, it was fun to watch. I am glad to see this group of riders getting some experience at a major championship, it doesn’t make sense to wait until McLain, Laura and Kent are too old before giving them a chance.


I’m assuming Kent didn’t feel Orafina was ready for WEG yet, and it was probably too much to ask of Gazelle. But I was likewise a little surprised not to see Laura K. in the mix (although admittedly I haven’t looked to see what she and her horses have been doing lately, so there could very well be an easy explanation!).

Laura had a nasty fall a few weeks ago at Knokke but I dont remember hearing anything is broken. I also havent seen Baloutinue show since WEF so maybe he is out? and might be too much of an ask for Confu

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They failed to qualify for the team Final.
McLain Ward 3.11 faults, and Brian Moggre 6.41 faults, qualified for Individual Final.

Chile ‘23, here we come!!

This article alludes to us not being qualified for the Olympics, so now I’m confused.

Also, interested by McLain’s comment about wanting to go earlier when the footing was fresher. Now, I assume that footing is immaculately maintained at all times, but he says the horse felt better going earlier - do we really think that could have such a big difference? Not saying it couldn’t, but I’d just assume that at such a high level to start, any performance enhancement would be negligible.

The qualification standards for Paris are on page 3 here - https://inside.fei.org/system/files/2022-06-30%20-%20Olympic%20Games%20Paris%202024%20qualification%20system%20-%20JUMPING%20-%20v1%20-%20English.pdf

Placement at the previous Olympic Games is not a qualifier.

It looks like our other options include top 3 at the Pan Ams in 2023; or winning the Nations Cup Final in 2023.