Ugh injured at horse show

Sigh…. 4 months ago had my final reconstruction surgery and finally to celebrate I headed out to TBird after 3 years! Started the show amazing, Sullivan after also surviving another bout of pyloric ulcers the same day as my surgery, has come back, again, and feels better than ever!

Did the large 3ft hunters the first 2 days and didn’t put a step wrong so up we went to the AO hunters 3ft3! First round spectacular…he was jumping the crap out of everything and I’m laughing. 2nd round it all goes to crap and is my fault! Starts great and then we jump into a 5 stride a bit quiet…. I don’t put my leg on and for some reason my saint of a horse still takes off in a loooooong 5 but jumps it so huge he thinks he’s a Grand Prix horse! (Even my trainer said she couldn’t of stayed on!) Over the head I go and land hard on my back…. Winded…. It’s fiber footing so hard!

Paramedics check me out and we figure I’m good…. Sore but ok… so I get back on and go back in and get a 3rd! Overnight I have stiffened up so bad… my groin also hurts, my right hip is agony and I can barely weight bare…. I am currently waiting on results from spine and pelvis X-rays! Dr pushed me to the front of the X-ray line… gulp! Sigh…this sucks!


Oh, my, hope nothing is broken, that would be terrible!

Let us know what they find, everyone reading here will be worried about you and wishing you best luck with a diagnosis.


Oh no! I hope it’s nothing serious and you’re feeling better soon.


Hallelujah X-rays shows just soft tissue damage! Time, rest and some physio… I am now just a spectator for the next week but super happy as it could of been so much worse!


Glad that you are happy with the diagnosis.

Be sure to take care, soft injuries can be more tricky to manage, be sure you are well before straining too far, just as we have to be careful with horses with those injuries.

Enjoy being a spectator, if you have something like a sling to show for your wreck it helps, everyone wants to help, gladly, let them. :innocent:


No sling for lower back just a good limp LOL but apparently people were asking my trainer how I was as many saw the catapult!

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Maybe the show photographer caught it?

Nice to have many worried about you, take care.


Ouch hot baths with radox, ibuprofen then 2 hours later panadol then 2 hours later ibuprofen and so on until maximum reached for the day and settle in and watch movies while being waited on hand and foot.

Now back to reality!


I’m glad to hear it’s nothing severe, Eclipse. Last August I came off three times at a show with my brand new horse-- first time I broke my ankle (didn’t know that until later), second time I dislocated my finger, third time I ended up with a crush injury/compartment syndrome and a dislocated shoulder. Self-preservation is not my strong suit. How are you feeling mentally? That has been the hardest part for me-- I had to have surgery and it’s been an awful recovery. I went to the same show grounds to watch a friend ride and had some serious PTSD reactions. Take care of yourself mentally as well.

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Mentally I’m good….as I got back on (before I realized how bad I was hurt) and then jumped around with no issues, which really helped! The hospital also loaded me up with anti inflammatories and some good pain killers so that helps! Plus the injections they gave me for pain and inflammation really helped too.

Another rider was brought in right after me, and she heard the dr say from outside her room “you know we should really think about setting up a medic station with X-ray at TBird” (yep it’s been that busy for them ……I think we are all definitely show rusty from Covid!)


Glad you’re feeling ok!

Soft tissue injuries are the gift that keeps on giving - be extra careful and take your recorvery slowly. Do your PT. Ice is your friend.