Ultra slim ankle braces that will fit in tall boots?

I rolled my ankle AGAIN and am thoroughly lame. Since it’s a repeat injury the Dr recommended I use an ankle brace including for riding (I once rolled it dismounting :confounded:). Anyone have one that fits inside their boot? I have a reasonable amount of room in the ariats I ride in day to day but not enough for anything truly bulky.

How much support do you need? There are socks out there that have a “brace” built in. It’s pretty light support, but they do offer some. Might be worth a shot if you just need a bit extra?

I think this is the brand I picked up for my husband:

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Do you have a plan put together with PT to help strengthen your chronically injured ankle once it’s feeling better?

I often ride in vet wrap because I haven’t found a brace compatible with riding. I switch back to my normal equipment once I’m done riding.

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PowerLix Ankle Brace Compression… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M3Q3X19?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

I used that when recovering from a broken ankle last year. It’s not as supportive as a true brace but definitely helped stabilize things a little and even worked under my pull-on tall boots. I’m not sure there’s any true brace that would fit under boots?

You might ask your dr/PT about using a Mobo board to strengthen it too: https://a.co/fMu1oT8

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I would learn to wrap using medical tape. I think it will be the snuggest fit.

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Ohhhh yes! There’s a plan, exercises etc. And I haven’t ruled out vet wrap :rofl:

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I got one from drleonards.com that’s slim enough. I wear it a lot.