Ultrasonic Mouse Deterrent

Considering getting one for the barn. Does anyone use one & which brand? The reviews on Amazon seem to be all over the place if they work or not.

My feed is in metal garbage cans & a freezer. I sweep up dropped feed in the stall daily. They seem to be coming in to get out of the cold & rain. Thanks

Our mice eat the seed heads off the Timothy hay so there is no way to remove all attractants.

We used one in the house and it had zero effect on keeping mice away. A healthy barn cat is your best friend for mouse control.


I tried one for rats. Zero impact.

I found them to be hit-and-miss. The problem is that there needs to be a clear path from the unit to the mouse. Anything in the way and the sound waves get disrupted.

Thanks everyone. So much for wishful thinking it might work.

They can be good at getting mice from going to a certain area while using a certain path (let’s say, going across the floor to get to the grain bins); however, they seem to only have a push effect, not an elimination effect. The mice will no longer go across the floor, but they will now go into walls and the ceiling to get to what they want. This was my mother’s experience when trying them out in an old farmhouse surrounded by fields. Honestly, as you can imagine, it made the problem worse.

For catching/killing them, I’ve had the best luck with the Victor electronic mouse trap.

They are expensive, but they are reusable, and for us, effective. We use them in our basement. Our cats are, unfortunately, older and useless in this department.


Check out senestech contra pest if you are looking for a humane alternative.

i have a trap that works pretty well. It’s a medium size metal trash can i put grain or sunflower seed in and place in a corner next to a wooden bin. It’s a one-way ticket…they jump in/they don’t jump out.

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Thanks for the recommendation. We’re buying one right now!

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You’re welcome, and good luck! As a killing trap, we like them over the basic wood/spring traps because they have been less likely to escape and they are not as messy.

1840s stone home in the middle of nowhere…rodents are part of our life, like it or not. At best we keep them at bay. We will never win the war though…

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I was looking at those too. I’ll have to order one. I haven’t caught any yet with a normal trap & with the cold in the panhandle I’m sure there is at least one inside. Thanks!

I’m not sure which is better price wise, but they were available at our local Home Depot…I can’t remember if saw them at Walmart, but you can check there, too.

Same for the 1800s house that I grew up in…well, it has a field stone basement, the rest is balloon framed.

With the exception of glue traps, we have tried pretty much everything out there (cats, ultrasonic, poison, bait traps, diy water bucket type “traps”).

Besides mice, we have had several other types of unwanted guests: pigeons in the rafters; occasional bats in the attic; raccoons coming in from the chimney; rats from a grain storage place across the street; Asian ladybugs that take over the front door; bees that decided to form a hive in a wall; and a family of weasels that nested in the attic over one winter…they left come spring time by marching single-file down the stairs and then out the front door.

As you can probably guess, the house had been vacant and in disrepair when originally purchased. There were a lot of entrance points for wildlife. While those are some of our more memorable pests, mice are a constant battle; it never truly ends!


Gretel keeps them at bay outdoors and in the barn, Hansel provides back-up. Gremlin has decided she is living in the house until summer comes so no mice in here. I have had mice get in the heating ducts though. UGH!!! I got them by baiting a snap trap with peanut butter and lowering it into the vents with a string and securing it so I could pull it up to check on it regularly. You do NOT want to not check on it - dead mouse in the vents is AWFUL! I do keep the crawl space locked up but let the cats go in there on a regular basis to patrol the area.

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