Understanding TB pedigree

I am looking at a TB mare to purchase, when I look up her pedigree this is at the bottom of the pedigree chart, Inbreeding:
Northern Dancer: 5S X 5D
Mr. Prospector: 5S X 4D
Secretariat: 3D X 5D

Would someone pls explain what this means? I am guessing the 5 means there are 5 instances of ND in the pedigree but what does the S and the D mean and why the ‘x’ ?
Is this a good thing or too much linebreeding?

thank you.

The number corresponds to the place in the pedigree. The letter to the sex.

The S stands for Sire
The D for Dam

So, horse has ND on sire’s side in fifth gen, and dam’s side in fifth gen.
Horse has Mr P on sire’s side in fifth gen, and dam’s side in fourth gen.
Horse has Secretariat on dam’s side in third and fifth gen.

Nothing at all out of ordinary with a US dirt bred TB to see those names "that many’ times. Pretty common.

Here’s one of my TB’s pedigrees as an example:

You can see he has:
Hoist the Flag: 4S X 4D
Tom Rolfe: 5S X 5D
Wavy Navy: 5S X 5D

For reference, here is AP Indy - the best of all time:

Bold Ruler: 4S X 3D
*Nasrullah: 5S X 5S X 4D
Miss Disco: 5S X 4D
*Turn-to: 5S X 5D
*Princequillo: 5S X 4D
Somethingroyal: 3D X 5D


Oh I see, that makes sense once explained, haha.

So they only do this up to the 5th generation? When I look further back she has ND several more times, I guess it doesn’t count as much?

Just so you can look yourself her name is 'Such a Bargin".

Nothing about the pedigree worries me. Lots of TB flippers LOVE Tizway. He was sold overseas but such a stunning horse:

A real nice looking horse who makes nice looking horses – who also are nice runners:

I don’t have personal experience with Tabasco Cat but see him lauded often for eventers on FB pages.

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Yes, to Tizway.