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Unguided Horse Rides in Ireland

Hi everyone!

I posted a little while ago about suggestions for the Connemara Trail ride in Ireland. My mom and I were discussing it more, and are thinking we’d rather go with an unguided ride than a guided one. So, my new question is: Anyone know of good unguided rides in Ireland?

We were looking at Donegal Trail West, but wanted to know the difference between Donegal West and Donegal South, as well as learn of any other unguided rides that people have done in Ireland.

If anyone has any suggestions/comments, please let me know!

Thanks so much!


We went on one out of Sligo- Yeats country. They provided maps, horses, saddle bags and set us up with a B and B every night, and a field for the horses. My sister, a friend and I took the trip and had lots of fun. My sister had a lovely grey hunter, I had a great Connemara and our not very experienced friend had a lovely fellow who looked like a Connemara cross. I’ll see if I can find the name. Good reputation, nice horses.
Found it- horseholidayfarm.net

I keep reading your title as “Unglued Horse Rides in Ireland”.
That was a head scratcher.
Yes, I need new glasses.

Glad that Demiq could give you good advice.

Have fun on your trip and take lots of pictures!