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Unique/Non-Traditional Show Attire!

Hi All,

I’m new to the forum, so please forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong area! Anyway, I am always looking for unique show attire…something different to not look like everybody else. I found this coat on Pinterest, and would like some other opinions. Would a coat like this be appropriate in the jumper ring? Possibly even hunters?

Please let me know your thoughts! :slight_smile:


The whole point of riding the the hunters is to look like everyone else. While the jumper ring isn’t quite so fashion oriented, wearing “civilian” clothes on horseback leads to frumpy, uncomfortable riders. Equestrian clothing is cut to fit while in the saddle, not to look pretty while you are walking around on the ground.

If you’re looking for self-expression and individuality, and places where people don’t bicker over invisible weave patterns and vague shades of beige in breeches, hunters is NOT for you. People there (though not the judges) will nitpick which utterly identical bridle is more ‘in’ and have some kind of pathological phobia about showing their ears (and insist on hiding them with a pointless, unnecessarily poofed hairstyle when a little gel and a hairnet over a low bun would accomplish the same thing without looking nearly as dumb or worrying about whether one’s ears are showing.) If you want to show personality or have a horse who shows personality, consider the jumpers.

My concern with the coat is it’s street clothes and it’s not going to ride properly-it’ll be uncomfortable for you when it bunches up. I find riding clothes unflattering and awkward on the ground for the opposite reason-they’re only made to work when sitting on a horse and they’re loose in frumpy places when you’re not in an astride position.

It’s a cute blazer, but not appropriate for showing. I don’t the cut of it would allow you enough room to move while jumping. For the price of it, you should be able to find a decent gently used or on sale show coat that will work better.

While I disagree with the reasoning (ex- the point if hunters is to fit in?), I agree with the sentiments this coat would most likely not work for riding.

If you want a little something different, buy a “standard” hunter coat and you can maybe have the collar done is a tasteful velvet (aack to me but hey…).

Hunter attire should be properly fitted, clean as that shows respect for the judges. Imagine going to a hunt, it was “the thing” of prestige. You wouldn’t show up to a country club in cut offs (for the most part) etc.

If you plan on showing O/F then test the coat by assuming jumping position and using your arms as you would releasing over a fence.
My money says it will bind across the shoulders when you do this and otherwise not feel at all comfortable.
Might even rip at a seam.

Oh, I dunno - I regularly wore my circa 1940-something hand-me-down black wool huntcoat as a blazer and my much newer wool & polyblend huntcoats as business attire also.
Even my ratcatchers were worn to work - with & w/o the collars.
Dress boots were pressed into non-riding service too, but I agree - while comfortable for sitting behind a desk they were pretty stiff for doing a lot of walking.
My custom paddocks are perfectly fine with jeans & comfy as well.

Guys, I’d lay money that this is an ad for the company in question and not a curious greenie.

You could wear it to show in if you don’t mind looking like your mother made your hunt coat from a pattern she found at the fabric store.

You could wear it to show in if you don’t mind looking like your mother made your hunt coat from a pattern she found at the fabric store.[/QUOTE]

Snort :slight_smile: