Unreadable VIN number on my 2 horse trailer

5 years ago I bought a used 2002 horse trailer. I have only driven it locally in TN , but now we are planning a trip out of state. I want to buy plates but the VIN number has worn off . What do I do?

Did you not get a title when you purchased it ?

Check title or other associated paperwork. If it’s the type where the number was kind of etched into the plate, try doing a rubbing. You could also try contacting the manufacturer - the VIN is often marked in several other places/parts, but it can vary and may not be easy to find. They might be able to point you to another place to read it.

When I lived in CT, part of getting my trailer registered (since it was older/bought out of state/didn’t have a title) was having an auto body shop read the VIN - if they couldn’t read it, they were authorized to issue a new one. The DMV had a list for me - might be worth checking the DMV website in TN for such a list?