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Upcoming Changes in Wellington

Good-bye Equestrian Preserve, hello rampant development.

“It is owned by a private entity; it is not Wellington’s land,”

And that ‘private entity’ purchased the land while it was a part of the preserve. Bellissimo has played the long game and he’s now going to win.


I’m not surprised it went through.

Rings at WEF run so late there’s no daylight. Especially in the <1.10 rings. I watched a friend do the low adult classic by golf cart light one Sunday.

Meanwhile global is a ghost town for the National stuff and no one gets stalls.

And none of what was approved has much to do with the horse show. Most of the improvements Bellissimo put in at the horse show were about creating dollars from spectators. He’s all about Wellington being “an equestrian lifestyle destination.” So who cares if tent 19 floods?

He is not a horseman, he is a developer. He bought up the land designated as equestrian preserve, not to keep it that way, but with this in mind. The camel’s nose is under the tent.

Shame on Nancy Jaffer.


I just learned a new phrase.


Apparently his handler didn’t heed the old advice to “…tie your camel tight.”


Me, too… but I’m not sure what it means😀. “ the cat is out of the bag”?

Something small that leads to something big, in a negative way.


I actually looked it up on Wikipedia. Lol.


@Midge, I love it. Thank you!!!

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