**Update:Aaaaannnd we're better!** Little Help Needed PLEASE with my kitty

I’m glad he’s feeling much better. What a relief!

Yeah, he came into the bathroom today to give me a big ol’ lecture. Apparently, I wasn’t moving fast enough for his highness. LOL Now I KNOW he’s better.

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Mind me asking how you diagnosed that? I’ve got one who is acting a lot the same way, but bloodwork was really non-committal. He’s just not that into eating!

That’s excellent news! When they can lecture you, you KNOW they’re fine. :slight_smile:

Back in May my kitty had been vomiting a lot and was seen by my vet on a Wednesday and again Friday for continued vomiting and decreased appetite. Routine blood work showed nothing really abnormal. On Sunday, I took him to the emergency vet hospital since he had not eaten for 3 days, maybe a teaspoon here and there.

At the hospital, he had an abdominal ultrasound which was abnormal.

Blood work that was done at the vet hospital:

Lactate (abnormal) on admission
cobalamin fasting (abnormal)
folate fasting (very low normal)
TLI fasting (Trypsin-like immunoreactivity) (normal)
Pancreatic lipase immunoreactivity fasting (abnormal)

The last 4 tests were sent out to Texas A&M University. Apparent this is the go-to laboratory as he had the blood work repeated during the summer up north and that blood was also sent to Texas A&M.

There is a snap test for pancreatitis. My vet’s office has it. Not sure why they didn’t do it when he was seen twice in the office during the 5 days before he ended up in the emergency vet hospital.


Just curious, what brand of kitty food are you giving?

Thank you Joanne - I forgot to say so earlier. Believe you me that was my next consideration plus possible liver failure. And I am glad you listed things to look out for on labs.

Thanks, @Joanne - Nigel’s not vomiting, he’s just not eating well. But when I take him back for a check-up, I’ll ask about the pancreatitis.

Probably not pancreatitis since I believe that vomiting (with some other symptoms) is a classic sign.

That is good for your kitty! Let us know how the vet visit turns out.

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Well I guess he is cured. Caught him this evening eating out of the uncovered pot of home made spaghetti sauce. And gave me a smug look when I shouted at him to get down. Oh you’re better all right, you sneak. lol