**Update:Aaaaannnd we're better!** Little Help Needed PLEASE with my kitty

Jack has not been himself since Wednesday night/Thursday morning. He seemed out of sorts Wed night and then Thurs am barfed up a ton of food - the previous night’s dinner and late nite snack. He nibbled a bit of food for breakfast and barfed it up while I was at work. Ate some food that night that stayed down but nothing all Friday and no breakfast Sat. All thru this he has had no temp, just at 101.7 which is in the ballpark for him. So I took him to the vet. She says his guts feel normal, bladder feels nice and soft, he is not dehydrated and she saw no need for xrays so we ran a basic blood panel which came back normal except for ever so slightly elevated albumen which she says could show an infection brewing but she was not entirely convinced. She sent me home and told me to get some Pepcid in him and try to get him to eat. He nibbled a bit of canned food (less than a teaspoonful) and that was it. Refused late night feed and this AM breakfast. So today, Sunday, I got him to eat a three handfuls of Temptations treats but that was all he wanted. He walked away after that when normally he would eat them until he exploded. I called vet today to check in with her and because my phone service is so jacked up here I missed all her calls. (Sitting right next to phone and it never rang just went to back line. I hate magic jack :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rage:) So question is now what the he** do I do with him? Still no real temp, still hydrated. But not peeing or pooping - no surprise since there is no input there is no output. Do I force feed him? Give him sub-cutaneous fluids? Feed him more treats? At this point, I will feed him WHATever he will eat. All my instincts are telling me he is constipated but the vet says no.

Apologies for this being all over the place but I am rather worried. I have been hit hard by a couple of things in my life and do not need the third shoe to drop.

While I have no advice about what is causing the illness, when my cats wouldn’t eat the vet recommended trying tuna or baby food.

Not eating or drinking for a few days is a big issue. I definitely would call the vet tomorrow. They may want to try appetite simulants or something else.

Good Luck!

Just took his temp again. Nothing remarkable. He took a couple of licks of baby food (something he would normally knock you over to get at) and walked off. That did it. I fed him the entire jar, topped off with 15 ml of water with MiraLax mixed in and finished that with a chaser of a handful of Temptations. He ate those voluntarily but with no great enthusiasm. He went out and slept in front of the space heater for a bit and now I am going to bed and taking him with me. Calling vet in AM but it won’t be the one I worked with this weekend it will be one of the other vets. And I cannot bring him in, drop him off and pick up later. I work til 730p and don’t get home til 830p and there is no leaving early this week as we will be slammed.

Good night. Cross your fingers or jingle or whatever and hope he feels better tomorrow.

How’s Jack doing?

Did he puke everything you fed him back up or has he managed to keep it down?

It could be just a simple tummy bug and he’s avoiding food so he doesn’t have to retch it back up.

I’d want x-rays, for sure. It might not be constipation, but it might be an obstruction somewhere - a hairball, a foreign object. Since you got the water and baby food down him, has he been to the litter box?

Also going to add - one of my older cats does this periodically. She has girardia that has never been completely killed out, no matter how often she’s treated for it. When she starts to throw up everything and not eat, I know it’s time to get another dose of wormer. Is that a possibility?

Our Vincent has behaved this way after eating one of his bigger kills (~3 lb mole). Took him to the vet and on X-ray we could see the animal inside our animal (like Russian nesting dolls). Vet prescribed laxatives. Vince slinked around the house for a few days until he passed the mole. All better after that.

I hope it’s something simple and Jack is feeling better soon.

Thanks, guys.

He got thru the night with no incident. Pooped this am very soft but not constipated so yay. Did not see him pee but found a large lump in box this AM. refused breakfast again but did look interested for a second. Fed him again. What is alarming me is that he is so …disinterested. He just lays there like a lump and while he will purr at me, his attitude is mostly meh. I was feeding him this AM and he didn’t even struggle. Normally he squawks like you’re killing him.

I haven’t even had a chance to call vet. I can type while I’m on ignore but that’s about it. Vet did not think he had foreign body or blockage so we decide to skip xray yesterday. <y lunch is coming up and I will call vet then.

And @Natural Selection part of me wants to say EWWWW and the other part says I would like to see THAT xray. LOLOLOL

4p edited to add: called vet just now, follow up appt for tomorrow morning.

I hope he’s feeling better. I hate it when they’re lethargic and obviously not right, but don’t know the reason.

I’m so sorry your kitty isn’t well. When my kitty wouldn’t eat anything, she would eat Gerbers baby food. The plain ones that are meat only. I think beef, chicken and turkey. She would eat 3 jars a day. Loved that stuff.

Have not had time til now. LSS, last night he started sneezing and really scrubbing his little nose. Vet wanted to do more diagnostics but even he was wishy washy and confirmed what the vet on Sat had told me. So Jack went home with anti-biotics and some painkiller for his teeth. When I got home, he seemed a bit more perky (car rides cure everything, right?). I will medicate him tonight so I can keep an eye on him.

@CindyCRNA - that’s what made me worried. He will normally knock you over to get at the baby food but when I offered it to him he just looked at it and walked off. He just looked so sad. I always have jars of the stuff in my house.

Oh crap. So glad you have an appointment tomorrow.

Gave him first dose of meds last night AND he actually ate some Friskies salmon thing. Not a lot but but still…Still a bit droopy pants, but at least he is eating. And man, has the sneezing gotten worse. Poor kitty. Now on to dealing with pyelonephritis kitty…argh…I’m running hospice I swear.


I had the sneezing thing running through my household - first Rascal had it, then Tiny, then Maximus. Thank goodness no one else caught it. Maximus took forever to get over it - almost two weeks, even with Convenia and a humidifier at night (they stay in the bathroom at night, so easy to do that). Hopefully that gets cleared up soon!

I hope so too. I never expected him to get it. He’s weathered all the other crap that came thru, but this one really got him down. I wish you could see the very sad face. he and his brother (the diabetic) are so very dramatic.

Not too high on Convenia. I have never had it work. But it’s what they give you or Clavamox. (spill that or get it on your clothes. blech)

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Jack!


The sneezing is no better but he IS eating. So he is improving a bit at a time. Poor buddy. He just wants to sleep and curl up in front of the space heater.


I’m glad he’s eating now. I hope he feels better soon!

Thank you. Me too.

Jack’s symptoms sound a lot like what my kitty had back in May which turned out to be acute pancreatitis.

Thank goodness he started eating today and acting almost like his normal self. He actually was carrying on for both breakfast and dinner and ate both servings right up. I was so relieved I nearly cried. He still wants to sleep a lot and the snarfy nose is not getting better but he’s EATING! yay!

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