Update: Opinions on this OTTB

Hello All…I very rarely post but I adopted an OTTB through New Vocations 3 weeks ago and want an opinion on his breeding and potential for showing . I’m not sure what his future job will be as it’s been years since I evented. I’ve been a DQ with my trusty warmblood the last 17 years. I missed riding little OTTBs and loved this guys pictures and video from his ad.

So far he has been great to work with not that I’m doing much at the moment. He’s got a great brain too!





I would expect him to be an above average mover and jumper from that pedigree. MTR and GC tend to make movers with good suspension and reach through the shoulder.

I am certainly no expert but love his expression :slight_smile:

Didn’t see anything that concerned me in his photos.

I see several names back 2 or 3 generations that appear in horses who jump well. Lovely eye.

Buah…that is one nice looking horse.

I have a More Than Ready grandson (by Ready’s Image) who I love, in spite of the fact that he needs to be kept in bubble wrap - I joke that he raced for so long that he is still learning to horse.


The few MTR horses that i have seen (including my boy and yours) are definitely a type, dark bay/brown with similar facial markings and good looking as all get out :slight_smile: When the chiropractor first saw him she turned to me and said “THIS is an upper-level horse!!” He is nearly 17 hands of handsome, a very nice mover, and looks like he could jump over a semi, but I am way too old for that and he keeps thinking of creative ways to get out of work. He had something like 38 starts over four seasons of racing so he definitely showed some durability.

Best of luck with your new pony!

first impression I love his neck and with maturity and conditioning I bet he is going to be quite nice. Hind end already looks like it will have good carry and power.

Thanks everyone! I really wasn’t looking for another horse but there was something about him I loved. I’m happy my eye wasn’t deceiving me

The description “get up and go sports car” who needs a “confident advanced rider” tells me that he can be hot. Is that the kind of horse who’d be suitable for you?

In the riding video they have another rider on a horse in the ring just standing there, so I’d ask if he had any herdbound tendencies.

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I have not seen any herd boundness with him at all. I have him hand walked all over the farm with no issues. Even when his pasture buddy calls to him or others get running, he does not pay attention to them. As far as the sport car ride, that is what I always had that and love that feeling. I went from a OTTB sports car ride to a Cadillac Warmblood ride and now back my little sports car


Louie is turning into a great sport horse. He is game for anything and learns very quickly. He is also a lazy horse…I don’t know where his sports car ride description ever came from…lol!

I have taken y time with him so last year we didn’t do much other than getting to know each other and just walk trot under saddle. Basically I just let him grow up a bit. I was able to let him be barefoot too as he has great feet. I’m happy I can give his feet a break from shoes for now.

Louie is very much a mama’s boy. He just doesn’t like to be brushed.

I have free jumped him a few times which he seems to find fun and easy.

This year has started the real work. Of course I go an hurt myself so I’m out of the saddle for a bit. Thankfully my friend gets on him for me.

Here is a video of him now:



You have a very nice horse!


He is very nice.

You have a PM.

Your horse is from a really classy racing family. :yes:

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What a lovely gelding!

Very nice indeed!

I last updated in May 2020. So I figured I would do another update.

Louie certainly is a character but in a good way. My barn owner loves hi because he gets along with any horse and is great to handle.

We were able to get out and show this year where I discovered he likes to keep me on my toes. He doesn’t do anything bad just silly things like be scared of the judge or dressage letters or decorations. We stuck to schooling shows so I could build his confidence. By the end of the season he ended up champion at first level. He will be showing 2nd level at recognized show this coming show season and hopefully 3rd by the end of the year.

The jumping area he’s not as brave. He has to do the same jump over and over until he finally ‘takes’ me instead of me pushing him to the jump. He does love trails though.

Louie is probably one of the smartest horses I have ever work with though. He loves clicker training. I swear he could turn in a trick horse to perform shows…lol.

Here are some pictures of him now.


Super nice! I had a Giant’s Causeway grandson that I lost 11 months ago, but he was a super nice mover, very free in the shoulders, and a kind, kind disposition. He was super chill too. He was by Noble Causeway and looked just like his daddy. Tall – 16.3. I miss him so much. I also adopted a gelding from New Vocations originally to keep him company, who now is my only horse at the moment. Completely different bloodlines (Malibu Moon) and temperament! He keeps me on my toes but is really fun to ride. Love him too and very happy with my New Vocations adoption process and everyone I talked to there.

I’m sorry for your loss. I recently lost my warmblood due to complications with cushings.

Louie has a grumpy side but I think that comes from the More Than Ready side. I have learned how to deal with the grumpy side which only shows up during brushing and racking up. Once the bridle is on, he’s all business :wink: