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UPDATED: Missing Pinto Oldenburg mare after broken right of first refusal contract

I sold Serenity in December 2011 with a right of first refusal and also an embryo transfer in the contract. The “buyer” turned out to be a horse dealer in Ocala who resold her a few weeks or months later. I contacted her after learning of the sale on her website. She paid me damages (I should have put much, much more in the contract) but all I ever actually wanted was the embryo transfer. I think Serenity was in Georgia (according to the dealer) as of summer 2012, but I have no contact with the owner. I’d really like to pursue the embryo transfer and am prepared to offer monetary compensation. She was my dream horse and selling her for tuition to cover my last year of college was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.




As you can see this mare is nearly unmistakeable with the spots in her blaze. Also, I’d like to add I am NOT trying to get the horse back. I have no legal means or rights to do so. I’m just trying to reach out to the new owner to see if there’s any compensation I can offer for the embryo transfer. It was the only way I was even comfortable selling. I’d be willing to do off-season and freezing the embryo if necessary.

Sadly when I found out Serenity was gone I had already purchased a recipient mare and picked out a stallion. I still have the recipient mare. I just can’t sell her because that would mean I’m giving up. And I can’t.


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Still searching…