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Upper Level/FEI Trainer PA - Philly Area - Chester/Del/Mont/Buck Co.

Anyone have any suggestions for an upper level dressage trainer in my area? I am looking for full training. I am willing to travel. Willing to pay up to 2k a month. I just moved back to the area and I am LOST. For that price I would also like a nice facility. Please let me know your suggestions.

Send me a PM and I can give you details about a lot of people in the area.

Jesssica Ransehausen in Unionville is as Upper Level as they get.


Thanks! I am not sure they have any openings, but I will call and see.

Lauren Chumley is excellent, located in Pittstown, NJ.

Kymmy Pullen is young but is fantastic. She is in Pottstown—runs a small operation but may have a stall.


Another vote for Kymmy! She is young, hungry, and very talented.

I tried looking her up on CL, but no rider was found?

Kymmy Pullen is young but is fantastic. She is in Pottstown—runs a small operation but may have a stall.



THANKS! Sending an email.

If you look for Kymberly Rhea Dressage on Facebook she posts a lot of videos.

Silva martin is in cochranville.


Emily O’Neill is in Chester Springs. Another young and hungry one. Her place is full, but there are a couple other options she can travel to a few minutes away.

Kymmy trains at the same barn as Cindi Stephens who is also very good.

Adding a second question to this thread. Does anyone have schoolmasters or school horses? I also travel down to this area (West Chester) a couple of times a year and would love an opportunity to do a couple of lessons. It’s great education and training for me.

sent you a pm

I board at the same barn that Kymmy trains out of and have taken lessons with her. She is great. Very good at explaining things very upbeat and positive.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Please keep them coming!

Another vote for Kymmy. Excellent eye and a great rider/trainer. She will also ride your horse if needed.