Upswept panels

Does the panel in this saddle look upswept?

Those are gusetted panels that extend beyond the cantle. They are the opposite of upswept panels.


That is my thought too

They don’t look upswept to me either.

Upswept is a construction design style.

Any given panel configuration might be too functionally curvy for any given horse or the panels might be too steep. Or conversely too flat. That applies to both upswept and gusetted panels.

The gusetted panel extends beyond the cantle. Like here. If the saddle fits well it helps distribute the weight. The caveat is that they may be too long for some short backed horses.

An upswept panel just looks like a regular old school saddle behind, with the panels rising up more steeply to end before the cantle.

Here is a link to a photo of an upswept panel.

Here is another link.

The gusetted rear panels may have become standard at least in dressage over the past 20 years but older saddles tend more to upswept. Trumbull Mountain distinguishes between “regular” and “upswept,” but both those are more similar to each other than they are to gusetted panels.

Here is another example from Duett that kindly labels the pictures of their upswept Fidelio. Note that the front of the panels are also upswept. Per their comments the upswept panels also allow for a slightly curvier back

Thanks for all the info, I know what upswept panels look like, just needed to hear someone else agree with me.

It’s a new saddle that I just got, as soon as I looked at it I was sure those were not upswept panels and the tree looked pretty straight. The saddle I ordered is supposed to have upswept panels and a curved tree.

This saddle brand makes two saddle models that look identical but have very different trees and panels for two very different style horses.

The only thing to identify the saddle besides the serial number is a paper label stuck on the stirrup bar, this one has the model name I had ordered and the matching serial number but I’m convinced the model name is incorrect. I’m trying to convince the tack shop and distributor the saddle was mislabeled and is the wrong saddle.


You could print out from any of the websites. It’s a very basic difference not one that’s in dispute :slightly_smiling_face:

I did that and sent plenty of pictures of saddle sent and both saddles shown on the web site to the Tack shop who supposedly sent to the distributor but haven’t heard anything back.


I bought a saddle identical to this one; it was recommended by my saddle fitter:

She was able to make it even a bit more upswept when she reflocked it to fit my short backed 13.1 pony. I recently met a woman who had a custom saddle made for her small horse with upswept panels. Can’t remember the company’s name, but it was Equine something.