Urgent! Trainer recommendations NE ohio

Operating on a limited budget and looking to move barns; I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the following barns/trainers and would mind either pming me or just posting on the subject.
background: after competing in IEA during the school year and on the A circuit (3 shows, limited budget) during the summer, I’d like to stop focusing on shows and look at leasing something on a more permanent basis with the goal of 3’6 jumper competition next summer.
Can anyone speak for:
Megan Bash/Legacy Equestrian Center
Jeff channing/Winwood farm
chagrin valley hunt club/whomever is training there now
gates mills hunt club/whomever is training there now
holly hill barn
OLM barn

Many thanks, and please, if you’re interested, I’m loosing riding time while you wait :)!

Megan is lovely - very positive and rides well. I would certainly check her out.

The hunt club is Mike Rheinheimer and Amanda Lyerly. They are both excellent.

I have ridden with Megan and can recommend her wholeheartedly. She knows her stuff and instills confidence.

i will agree. She is fantastic. Recommend without reservation.

When I last saw Holly Hill she was doing well, a nice person and a good trainer. But I think she doesn’t show much anymore, or maybe just not around here anymore. But she was good! Did a clinic with her, would love to do it again.

Not to sidetrack this thread, but I heard earlier today that Jeff Channing (Winwood Farms) died in the last day or two. I’m 5 yrs gone from up there and my few contacts dont know any more than that. Anyone here know what happened?

A friend of mine rode with him when she was a kid and said that apparently he fell down some stairs (they think he may have thrown a clot/had a stroke) and hit his head and passed away. :frowning: It happened yesterday.

Oh my goodness, that’s very sad news.

McVilles - thanks for that information. Very sad.
Someone posted on Facebook that they thought he had lung cancer, but others seemed to have no idea. I would think if he had been sick, people would have known.

He actually had been diagnosed with lung cancer a while ago - not sure how long. I don’t know if his accident was somehow related, or just that - an accident. Regardless, very sad news. The horse world has lost too many lately :frowning:

Here’s the obituary. So sad.