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US Dressage Team for Paris

The team selection is scheduled to be announced tomorrow.

Steffen/Suppenkasper for sure will be named to the team, as will Adrienne/Helix.

Various pundits are predicting Marcus Orlob/Jane will take the third spot, based on their very strong showing last weekend at the Kronberg CDI.

So who are folks thinking will be named as traveling reserve? I’m thinking it will be Endel/Bohemian, although other people are leaning toward Anna B/Fiontini. I’m not sure about that choice though after their mishap this past weekend. I think Anna B needs more seasoning at international competition, but her day will come…

No matter who is on the team, I do not expect the US to be on the podium this go-round. The Germans, Brits, Danes are SO strong they will be hard to beat. And then there are the Dutch, etc. Someone a month or so back predicted the US will actually finish in sixth place!


Yes, I expect it will be Steffen, Adrienne/Helix, and Marcus, with Endel as traveling reserve.

Don’t count Steffen out of an individual medal.

I still think it’s odd how Adrienne’s other horse, Lars, seemingly disappeared after she said he didn’t feel right during the test. Did they find the problem ? Is he ok ? There was so much coverage of her two new horses, and now the media says nothing about one of them. Or did I miss the follow up ?


Lars showed at Kronberg, got a 69.1% in the GP and 75.5% in the freestyle

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I like Suppenkasper/Helix/Jane for the team with Endel and Bohemian as the reserve.

I wish Anna Marek was nominated with both her horses, Fayvel seems to be improving and would be in the mix, but I think she’s only listed with Fire Fly

It’s official, per USEF facebook.


It feels a bit disingenuous to say that Anna needs more seasoning at international competition with her record at World Cups with Diva and put forth Endel who just rode the GP on a borrowed horse this year prior to taking Bohemian out.


Just in from USA Dressage:

Dancing our way to the palace :dancer::man_dancing:

The U.S. Olympic Dressage Team will be represented by the following combinations during the 2024 Paris Olympics in Versailles, France.

:us: Adrienne Lyle (Wellington, Fla.) and Helix, a 2012 Dutch Warmblood (Apache X Zeester T) gelding owned by Zen Elite Equestrian Center and cared for by Marina Lemay

:us: Marcus Orlob (Loxahatchee, Fla.) and Jane, a 2014 Dutch Warmblood (Desperado x Zandra) mare owned by Alice Tarjan and cared for by Allison Nemeth

:us: Steffen Peters (San Diego, Calif.) and Suppenkasper, a 2008 KWPN (Spielberg x Upanoeska) gelding owned by Four Winds Farm and Akiko Yamazaki and cared for by Eddie Garcia

The following combination has been selected as the traveling reserves.

:us: Endel Ots (Wellington, Fla.) and Bohemian, a 2010 Westphalian (Bordeaux x Sunshine) gelding owned by Zen Elite Equestrian Center and cared for by Caroline Hoerdum


Seems the predictions were correct! Though they seemed pretty cut and dry.

Can I also say what a ride for Endel (no pun intended)? First international GP to Olympic travelling reserve in what, less than 6 months? Yes, I know it’s Bohemian, but it really showcases how talented Endel is.


I love the Orlob story! How generous of Tarjan to give him the ride on “Jane”!


I’m not surprised by the news, but I so wish that Endel had taken the third spot. I had a lesson with him in Wellington this winter. And he is just such a wonderful human, trainer, and rider. Bohemian was there too, it was before they had their first show debut and were still bonding. He cares so deeply about his horses and it was evident he and Bohemian had a special bond even then. I understand why the team selections panned out the way they did, but I’m really bummed for him. Even so, I’m sure this isn’t the last time we’ll be hearing his name connected to the Olympic selection in future years.


I look at current pairings, and am more excited for 2028 than 2024, of course knowing horses and how luck goes. I think Adrienne has improved Helix so much in such a short time it’s astounding. No idea if Bohemian is too old (I don’t know his age, but it feels like he’s been around forever) but Endel doing so well with a horse known to be difficult is impressive. And riders like Anna will be around in 4 years- we seem to have more up and coming talent than ready for prime time talent, and even in 2 years I think they should be in a better position.
Of course, I hope riders do well this time around! Numerically, the podium just seems unlikely.


These were David Strickland’s predictions back in late December. I wonder if he has changed his mind at all now that the teams have been named. Has anyone seen a more recent prediction from him?

Sure, but will she have a horse ready to go? Nothing is guaranteed.

So sad to see Steffen and Mopsie today at Aachen. I very uncharacteristic and the announcer said they have never been out of the 70s. (I think their score was 68+). I hope Steffen is able to shake this off and that Mopsie is secure and confident going forward. Excited to see Anna B. Tomorrow as she shakes off Kronberg! Go USA!


That is sad. He is one of my favourites to watch.

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Were there any specific problems or just an overall not-so-good? I remember he had a couple problems back in March, with at least one score under 70… It is too bad, one of my favs also.

He’s also riding Mani’s Endeavor in the PSG and I1 on the same days as Mopsi’s GP and freestyle. They were 4th in the PSG on Wednesday; the ride time was a few hours before the GP.

Saturday night’s ride times, between the I1 (at 20:30) and the GP Freestyle (21:58) are 90 mins apart, if I’m reading the schedule right.

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Steffan will be the champion he is. Can’t wait to see him and Mopsie in Paris. Does any know why Marcus is not riding the freestyle in Aachen?