US Eventing Team 6th

So being conservative in the team selection got us???

A full team completion, which is the first time they’ve done so since 2012 - almost 10 years. 6th is good enough to guarantee a qualification for WEG 2022 I believe. The team did exactly what they needed to do.


They did an outstanding job. I am rather proud of what they accomplished. They tried their hearts out and they finished safely. What more could you ask for??

Boyd Martins behind the scene pictures and updates were great.


I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of. All three riders and horses tried hard and put in solid, respectable performances. I’d love to see the US win but I don’t think there is a combination out there that is guaranteed victory. And if anything the last year has reinforced for me how little the results of any sport (and especially what’s essentially a niche sport for the wealthy) really matters in the big scheme of things.


True. Here’s to 2022!

I’m very proud of our team! Best team result since Athens 2004! They all jumped around clean, and we got our WEG qualification. I think Eric’s program is working, and I’m really looking forward to Aachen.


I think it distracted him. He did a USA today takeover the morning of dressage on his instagram and then the dressage fell apart.

Nothing bad to say about their results, they got around and just weren’t quite good enough against the competition. Now they can focus on narrowing those margins. Focusing less on social media might be a good start.


Solid and getting around without major errors is really all anyone can ask for in any major event under these sorts of circumstances.