USDF Test Pro

So I have the app with all the old tests…does anyone know if we have to buy a new version or if they will update it? It wasn’t a cheap app at all!

Following. I just checked the app yesterday to see if there were updates and couldn’t find anything.

USDF indicated they’ll be moving towards a subscription model, so the old one won’t be updating. Even in the past, you had to buy a new version of the app each time new tests came out, they didn’t update the previous version.

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Bummer. The USEA eventing tests app is a monthly or yearly subscription now so probably something similar. $17 a year,

My app updated today to the new tests- there are options for 1mo ($2.99), 6mo ($14.99), and 12mo (24.99) subscriptions.

Still not my ideal, but at least there are options if you don’t need it the whole year.

Mine says 24.99 for 1 year, not 24 months.

OOPS yes that’s what it says.