USEA Rider/ horse Records

Please walk me thru how to find rider or horse records more than several years old.
I am a member and log in, but then cannot find a search button. I know it’s there, just can’t find.

Hi, you don’t have to be logged in to view horse or rider records, but it can be tricky for some reason for things to show up. There is a magnifying icon very top of home page as well as a “search horse” look up towards the bottom right.
I have found that even if you put in a name exactly as it is spelled etc they don’t always show up, sometimes just putting in last name works. You may have to try a few different ways to show up.
Hope that helps!

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I don’t think there’s a way to search a rider anymore when you log in, so you need to know the horse’s name.

To find older horse records when logged in on the mobile site (I have no idea what it looks like on a real computer, sorry!) scroll down to the Horses box. There’s an option to “Search Competition Records” (third link down).

Click that, type in the horse’s name, then click the little PDF icon below the horse’s name. To see the full record, then click “click here for a detailed report” and that will give you the PDF with that horse’s lifetime record.

Looks almost 100% the same on the computer. :slight_smile:

If you click the “magnifying icon” top right of the page then this appears
image You can “start typing” a person’s name here. Like I said, it doesn’t always come up with the full name, sometimes just first or last works better.

Ok I guess things have changed, again. I know how to use the search with the magnifying glass symbol. Previously you could use that and find 2 years of records, but if you were a member you could search both horse and rider records for at least 10 years back. As evntr95 showed it’s possible to find horse’s competition records. Maybe it’s a privacy thing?
Unfortunately there are riders “padding” their resumes, so how can one check that?

I see what you’re saying. Maybe through the FEI search? That goes back a ways if the athlete was competing FEI.

I have also been successful in finding results if they are a USEF member by searching using USEF database. You will have to update the starting date, but I haven’t found a limit on number of years you can search. The USEA results will show on the USEF data (as well as other disciplines)

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Does the USEF database have results below Modified?

When I looked myself up (who hasn’t rode above training), I saw all my results from BN-training, plus dressage show results.

I went looking and though I could find my record on file with one of my horses from the 90’s but it was VERY incomplete considering how much we did and didn’t include our first long format 1* where she was 7th out of 30+. So that was a bummer.

For many of my sold horses that competed after me I had to search for part of their names as they were misspelled or spelled with a piece missing. Ie. “Nonesuch Master William” had become “Nonesuch Master Will” “Josa Puntero” has become “Josa Puntera”

There are events missing and the scores seem VERY high. I don’t recall getting 80’s and 90’s in dressage but that’s what this records show.

I did find it far more useful to start from

And then Login

Then Search Competition Records.

Also click on the Adobe symbol to see a pdf report but you still need to click the blue hyperlink that says “click here for a detailed report”


You all are a wealth of information!! I was able to find what I needed on the USEF website.
Thank you.


Those high dressage scores are from the OLD days and a different method of scoring. My SO once got over 100!

I have some old tests somewhere. I just need to find them and remember. I just don’t currently.


Also of note is that prior to 2019 dressage movements were scored in whole numbers only (for eventing). I think scores have gotten better (as in, lower) now that judges can split the difference between two numbers.

I am not sure exactly when it changed (some time between 1991 and 2007), but Dressage Penalties were calculated by a different formula.

(“Max possible Good Marks” - “Total Good Marks Scored”) * 0.6

Yes, it was quite possible to get a penalty score over 100.