Used Fautras


I’ve been looking for a used Fautras Provan Premium or Oblic+2 for some time now, and I have not come across a single one! Is it because they’re just that wonderful that no one sells them?

I haven’t looked at the Fautras, but I looked hard at the Böchmanns and (to a lesser extent) Brenderups for the past 3-4 months. I saw very few of either on the market, and the few I saw sold quickly (including the one I bought, lol! had my ear to the ground and knew the lady was going to be posting it soon, sealed the deal within about a day of her posting it for sale).
I think some of it is a numbers game. There are just far fewer imported European trailers than traditional NA trailers. Add in the fact that they meet a specific set of needs and those who want one often want only that type of trailer, and nothing seems to be on the market for long.

The lady I talked to at Maple Lane Trailers (Ontario dealer of Böchmanns) said they only rarely see used stock. People seem to love their trailers and hang onto them, and if they want to sell, often a barn mate or acquaintance will snatch the trailer up before it goes on the market. I’d imagine it’s the same for the Fautras. I think think there are even fewer of them around than the Böchmanns? I never much looked into Fautras, because I never saw a single one of any model on the market.

Edited to add: have you posted any want ads? You might try posting in various equestrian groups on FB (where I found mine) or any equine/trailer sales sites that allows ISO postings. My ISO posts on FB flushed out a couple of trailers that hadn’t been posted elsewhere

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IME, they do get snatched up. When a neighbor learned that I was contemplating selling my Brenderup and returning to a gooseneck, she offered to purchase my trailer whenever it suited me. So I had a ready buyer without advertising.

I sent you a pm. I might have what you are looking for

^Hehe! What’d I say? Putting it out there that you’re looking can yield results!

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The ISO is a great one. I haven’t tried that. Thank you!


Sent you an email.

Yes, do an ISO. I have a list of people waiting for me to sell my Brenderup. No chance I’d ever get it advertised.