Used Reining Saddles in stock?

I have a friend that is shopping for a used reining saddle but she cannot find much. Does anyone have some websites that might have some used saddle in stock? Or new that are in stock and don’t break the bank (less than $2,000)?

Try Teskey’s and NRS.

Another source might be Horse Saddle Shop.

Reining has exploded, is hard right now to find reining horses or saddles at “cheap” prices.
This company may have some used saddles, call and tell them what you are looking for:

Also Kyle tack in Whitesboro, TX have nice using saddles:

There are a ton of reining tack groups on Facebook. I’ve found my best deals there.

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Ditto this!
There’s a lot of reining tack groups on Facebook and I frequently see saddles in that budget. One of my favorite is Saddle Switch. Christine is great and myself and friends have bought many saddles from her. They are honestly represented and fairly priced. You’ll see all price ranges, brands and sizes. Good luck!

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Thank you for the suggestions!!!