USEF Health Insurance

I saw on the USEF website that they are now offering health insurance to members. Has anyone tried this? I am looking into health insurance options since my husband may be switching to a job that doesn’t provide coverage.

I have an autoimmune condition that is very expensive to manage so on the marketplace I would need a gold plan. Unfortunately, the one Gold plan that’s offered in my area (Dallas) is through Oscar which claims to only have 2 rheumatologists within a 30 mi radius.

It also makes me so anxious that I might have to swap all of my doctors out when they’ve been treating me for years and have my condition very well managed.


Did you every get more information on this? I’m trying to figure it out as well–may be going to part-time in the future but being on my husband’s health insurance would be over $700/month. Wondering what options USEF has?