USEF Horsemastership

Clinics from Florida on this weekend with replays also available.

Some nice horses and young riders (I so envied those lithe young figures riding in the warmth!) but also nice to see some issues they had to work though.

I had to chuckle that I watched Sabine Schut-Kery and was a bit frustrated that she often said things like “hold your hands like this” but the videographer rarely had her in view. Then I watched some of the flatwork session for Jumpers with Anne Kursinski and the videographer almost always had her in frame, but frequently none of the four or five horses being ridden at the time! :crazy_face:


I look forward to watching this every year. There’s always an exercise to try or something to review. I would love to be able to ride like those young riders!


Envious of everyone there as well. Such good instruction and some talented riders, although I also saw riders in the double that IMO should not have been in the double. The feedback from the instructors seemed to be implying that as well. A lot of “more snaffle, less curb.”

I do think it’s wonderful that they were all working ~2nd level/touching third. That is where so much instruction is needed and we can all benefit.

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Interesting for sure. Wish we had more info than the links provide.

I noticed some horses and riders doing Sunday tests that weren’t filmed in any lessons. Did they only do the test? Did they do lessons but not want them taped?

Fun to see the horse/riders after the lessons and see if the problems were better, but it was hard to remember who was who sometimes. That ring was VERY spooky! Quite a test and an insurmountable problem for a couple. I was glad to see the rider on the balky pinto get through the test.

Enjoyed some of the comments during the test when I don’t think they knew the mic was on.

Certainly for auditing, Schut Kery was more interesting than Williams who was less verbal.

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Oh, yes. I’m sure someone was displeased about their secrets being discussed on open mics :joy:

They only taped 1 ring during lessons, but they had 3 total rings going (with 5 different coaches). I wish they would have changed up the ring they where taping each day, but they didn’t.

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Thanks, interesting. Do you know who the other coaches were?

George Williams, Adrienne Lyle, Sabine Schut-Kery, Ali Brock, and Jan Ebeling that I know of.
When I listed live last week (had it on during work) Jan was coaching in the main ring for at least one ride.
George has very good exercises and patterns, so I pay attention to those. Jan is very good with little details and tips for the show ring. I want to go back and watch Sabine, I wasn’t able to listen in to hers as much (too many work meetings!).
I love watching/listening to these as it makes me want to get out and ride my horses! They’re fantastic motivation for me!

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Do they show any of Ali Brock or Adrienne Lyle? I haven’t watched them all yet. I love watching Ali Brock teach.