USEF / USDF Records

I’m not a member, and wanted to verify information on records before I spent the money to join.
For records searches when you’re a member you can look up records for free?
For a sire / dam record, this only works for horses with USEF / USDF numbers? For instance say I want to know if any Natural Iron (AQHA) offspring had dressage records, I wouldn’t be able to find this unless Natural Iron had been listed, correct?

What I’m really wanting is to look up Quarter Horses families to see how successful they’ve been.

The only results you would get would be horses that were registered with USEF/USDF and have the sire (or dam) correctly listed.

If you keep an eye out for “Fan” memberships, which are usually available with a coupon code around big events like Land Rover Kentucky 5* in the spring, you should be able to access the records as well.

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