Using a younger vs. older stallion

Hi! I am planning to breed my mare this season. She is a jumper bred holsteiner by Clinton. I am using her as a dressage horse and therefore I would like to breed her to a dressage stallion. The dilemma is: should I use the well known older stallion Fidertanz or should I use some of the hot young flashy stallions like Iron or Kjento? I think I would get a nice horse if I used Fidertanz, but worried it will be an older type (short, big boned) with ok movement. Kjento and Iron are hot attractive stallions that could give me a fancy good looking horse but worried I could also get a nutjob.

Looking to improve front leg and movement on my mare. She has nice gaits scoring 7 on walk, 7 on trot and 7,5 on canter, but nothing wow. Lacks shoulder freedom so a bit short in her front leg movement. She is 16.3 and has the perfect amount of bone if you ask me. She is a bit long though so could shorten her back a bit

What registry will you be using, HOL?

If this is your/mare’s first year, you cannot go wrong with proven. Proven stallions will have foals and young horses on the ground and you can look through them to see if they are an improvement over the mare (their dam). Look for stallions who have been paired to mares similar in phenotype to your own and see what that combo has made.


If you go in thinking a stallion is a nut job, don’t breed your mare. Talk to Hilltop and ISF. Sir Sinclair right off. Contact the Holsteiner Verband. Talk to Judy and Scot.

Kjento is very Jazz in type. He is one that I would invest in long term. Please don’t breed to a stallion that you already call a nut job. That label will be applied to the foal.


There is a saying in TB breeding that says “If you like the son, breed your mare to his father.”