Using BoT Mesh Sheet as a layer

I searched the forums, but couldn’t find a thread that spoke specifically to this question.

I recently took the plunge after long-term lusting, and bought my gelding a BoT mesh sheet. We are in Massachusetts, so in the full swing of “blankets on all the time” season. He has worked up to wearing it overnight, and it has been making a noticeable difference for him. He’s very supple and fluid through his back, and has overall just felt much more comfortable during our rides.

He has a high trace clip, so I have been layering his sheet underneath whatever blanket I want on him for the night. Should I take the BoT sheet into consideration when judging what to have him wear in terms of the weather/temp? Or is the added “warmth” it provides minimal enough that I should not factor it into the equation?

Thanks for any insight!

My giant wimp of a horse loves his BoT sheet and hates cold weather…layering his mesh sheet under a turnout has worked well for us so far. I think the BoT products do run a bit warm, so a BoT sheet + turnout = warmer than normal medium weight, but perfect for a hard keeping TB. We are in MA as well and I haven’t noticed him sweating under all his layers, but each horse is different. My advice is to try it when you are around to check on him often.

just wait a minute - you guys are already in full swing blanketing?

I AM an MA resident too and the most we’ve pulled out so far is rain sheets… it’s been 50s-60s here!

I’ve heard that the mesh should be considered the same weight as a cooler or stable blanket - so I’d keep that in mind… I’ve wanted one for a long time too but just can’t justify it yet… nice to read everyone has positive things to say about it - there are some reviews on Dover’s website that are glowing.

just wait a minute - you guys are already in full swing blanketing?[/QUOTE]

I guess I should clarify, mostly he’s just been living in his rain sheet and naked during the 60 degree days. But I do blanket him at night, and there have definitely been some medium weight days. Mostly he’s been wearing at least his sheet, or his lite weight (a 100gm amigo turnout - most versatile blanket I’ve ever bought!)

I put mine on my horse and she isn’t clipped. Shes been getting the BoT under a rain sheet (she lays in pee all night long.) If she can’t wear the rain sheet, she doesnt wear the BoT. Too expensive to have drenched in urine.

I think the BoT mesh sheet plus a light (100g) blanket is equivalent to a medium weight blanket.

I love layering with the BoT mesh sheet and will sometimes substitue it plus a lined turnout sheet for a blanket. And when it is realy cold (for here) I use it under their medium weight blanket since i don’t have heavy weight blankets.

I do take it into consideration because it does add warmth.

My mare wears her under her turn out sheet. She is maybe a touch warmer, but it’s hard to tell if it has more to do with the sheet being a snugger fit, or the actual BoT properties. She has never sweat in it, even in this crazy weather where it can be 30 degrees one day and 60 the next.

Some nights have been chilly…enough to justify the mediums! Although I do love this nice warm spell we’ve been having :lol:

Thanks for all the feedback! Sounds like I should definitely consider it as a “liner” layer, at the very least.

I’ve been considering the BoT mesh sheet for my TB and I had the same question, so thanks for this thread.

I have used my BOT mesh sheet as a layer for years. It can make them run warmer but my mare is fully clipped and lives out 24/7 so she is blanketed heavily. I have had no issues with her getting too hot and she lives in hooded blankets. She is a huge TB mare, however there is a WB at the barn who cannot tolerate the BOT sheet as a layer. Instant sweat machine. I guess it is horse dependent.