VA :James City County/Williamsburg/Toano....need a good hay supplier!

have NO idea where to look or where to start!(moving to area and first time home horse keeping vs. boarding ours) Take any good quality grass hay/timothy/blend/orchard, etc…
will be looking for a supplier for the long haul, not just one delivery…will want someone well versed in haying and producing for awhile.
thanks So much!!

I’ve used Old Dominion Hay in Smithfield. They have a great selection of top quality hay from all over the county and Canada.

Look up Hampton roads hay connection on Facebook and also mystic hay on facebook. Mystic hay isnt kept updated but I just got a nice mixed grass from ny for 7.50 (40 -45 bale). Old dominion has the best but also the most expensive …you pay per lb anywhere between 20-34cents a lb. Very nice though. I go there every once in awhile.

Thanks SO MUCH you guys, REALLY!!! R E A L L Y! I’m finding that the Williamsburg area? is just kinda dropping through the cracks? as in: not Hampton roads, and not Richmond! :frowning: Having a hard time ‘finding’ horsey people and understanding connections and vets, and farriers, and hay suppliers, etc etc!!! I also know: I have to network ‘soon’…I will need ANYONEs suggestions on a barn sitter for emergencies…my mom is 80 and I’ll be the only horse care giver, and I HAVE to have someone for backup —I have to know if something happened to me, my mom won’t be out there trying to deal with horses.

I think mystic hay will deliver for you if you buy a good amount ( over 30 but they keep their trailers near oyster point so not that far).

I have a guy that helps me when I go out of town and cleans stalls that is non horsey but he is learning (mostly ha). I think Williamsburg would be too far for him to go though. There are a lot of people that need jobs so …it’s just a matter of finding one that is dependable.

One way is too ask any barns near you if they know of someone or put up add in tack stores.

Thanks again, Morgansn…Yeah the ‘local’ networking is just hard right now as I won’t move in full time for awhile yet, but I will indeed be trying to meet and greet!