Van Nistelrooy

Does anyone have a horse by Van Nistelrooy? What are you doing with him/her? I bought one and I’m curious what others have accomplished.


wow, not that’s a name I haven’t heard for some time! His last US crop was what, 2011? He did far better with Southern Hemisphere racing. Which of his foals do you have?

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I have a 2009 baby out of robust. I absolutely LOVE him. Hes got such a great work ethic and brain. So I was curious if anyone else has one and what they’re doing now.

do you mean the 2009 Beyondallthestars? I LOVE this female family!! I bred one of my mares to Proponent and another to a son of Roi Danzig!

Yep! I mistyped my response earlier. I am in love with him. He has exceeded every expectation I could possibly have.

Is his mom’s side where he got his great brain? I’m trying to figure out how to get another of him :joy::joy:

LOL, the two representatives I knew from the family were turf stallions and not especially calm. The Proponent filly was certifiably crazy and the two Roi Danzig granddaughters were equally nuts. However the one gelding from the cross happened to be as chill as they come.