Vanderbilt carriage at auction

Take a look at this carriage! It’s in the Bonham’s car auction tonight in Newport, RI. Built for the Vanderbilts in 1892.


Thanks for sharing, it is a lovly vehicle! With the Brewster name maker, Vanderbilt provenance, fully equipped with all the accessories, in great condition, the $150 thousand price sounds about right. Park Drags like this don’t come along very often! The 4-in-hand drivers will have it out and about so we can see who got lucky buying it. Nice to see prices going up a little on the extra nice vehicles again.

Martins Auction will be selling some extra nice Road Coaches at their sale this month. Similar to the Park Drag but more sporty. Still need 4 horses to pull it.

It sold for $150K.

I understood the price, it was in your link. I just wrote it out rather oddly on my post! Ha ha
$150,000, and probably a bargin with all those original accessories, matching lamps numbered the same as the vehicle. Hope they have lots of fun using it!!

Info from Bonhams website.

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Thanks for the second link. Always fun to read details on a vehicle. That vermillion striping seemed to be a Vanderbilt trademark, certainly grabs your eyes looking at their carriages! We always called it mercurechrome (sp?) orange after that pinky-orange stuff Mom put on our scratches. No other stuff with that color. Stung like the dickens!

I first saw vermillion striping on another Vanderbilt Park Drag selling thru Martins Auction, years ago. Martins auctioneer mentioned the vermillion striping as being one of the Vanderbilt colors they used on their vehicles. At that time it was the highest selling Park Drag anyone knew of. $100,000, give or take a little, supposedly purchased by the Smithsonian. It also sold “complete” with all the original accessories, same number original lamps. It was quite beautiful and also a Brewster if I remember correctly.