Vega saddle tree - lots of flex

I just purchased a used Vega Monoflap and after it arrived today I noticed that it flexes more than I am used to front/back. I’m hoping that it is supposed to do that with it’s synthetic tree. It doesn’t make any noise. It does have some creases in the seat leather that are visible when it is flexed, not so much when it’s just sitting there. I have not put it on a horse yet.
Can anyone else with a Vega saddle respond and let me know if this is normal for this brand?

My Vega recently had to have the tree replaced due to it over flexing and starting to move on my horse’s back. It still flexes more than most trees but it no longer has diagonal flex and twist. You’ll only know if it’s too much if you ride in it. Robin (World Equestrian Brands) was really nice to work with and was very helpful.

I actually had my vega sent to get checked out by a saddler due to the amount of flex, I was concerned it was broken - turned out it was fine.

The vega tree is designed to be flexible, it definitely has more flex than a wooden spring tree.

Thanks for your responses! It has no diagonal flex or twist. I hope to ride in it today.

I did get to ride in it today and there was no popping or creaking or anything in the seat and my horse (who is very sensitive) was happy with it so I believe that is normal for that saddle.