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Vegas World Cup Commentating

I’ve never been a fan of people commentating on top level competitions who have never ridden near the level (or ridden at all) - the one exception Steven Wilde, because I think he does a very good job.

I watched one of the early trips tonight of JJ Atkinson and I thought Adam Cromarty was so out of line with his commentating.

He blatantly said she had no business being in the ring after her round in the qualifier, that she was surely going to have more rails, that the time was the least of her problems, etc etc. Now, he was probably 100% right. I’m sure the rider would tell you that too. But how tacky to do that on air.

Please can we have Jessica Kurten back.

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Is the class online right now? And if so, where?

Yes - Clipmyhorse/FEI TV


I’m here in person, so didn’t hear the commentary, but he isn’t wrong re: JJ. A show like this shouldn’t be a (televised & archived) schooling show, and if you (g) use it as one I think you can expect people to discuss it.

I think Adam does a great job.

I heard too that announcers are being told when a total sh!t show of a round is taking place (not talking about JJ, just in general) that they can, in not so many words, say this is a total disaster, etc. So the spectators, who may not be horse people, don’t think the round is normal/ expected, and go home and be like oh yes I watched show jumping they crash/ whip/ miss the horses a lot.

A BNR told me this after Harrisburg when a certain GP rider known for crashing around, well crashed around.


That’s an interesting thought.


I wonder if getting called out about it will change any of their behavior.

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I would assume not, bc usually that type of person believes they 100% belong there and are just having a bad class/ underfunded/ on a green horse/ etc… (to clarify I am talking generally, NOT talking about JJ)

BUT maybe spectators- who are our future lesson takers, owners etc will take heed and vote with their feet and money if commentators were more honest about SERIAL bad riding/ horsemanship- I don’t mean riders having a bad day or round. I am talking about those people who we watch and are like why do they keep going GP??? Serial crashing, rails, falls, withdrawals and eliminations.


I can’t watch JJ Atkinson ride. I wish a show steward would take her aside and ask her to scratch or someone would intervene for the sake of the horses. They are way over-bitted, rails are flying, distances missed. Poor horses. It’s really horrifying to watch.

Bravo, Adam Cromarty, for saying something.

Ditto for Kama Godek.


I have heard very good commentators politely and professionally say that a round is not good. I’m not saying that they can’t explain that what is happening isn’t typical. But the way Adam did it in this particular case was degrading and it felt almost personal, which didn’t come across professional. Katie was quiet for a very long time after, and seemed a bit shocked as well.

I have heard him commentate many times, and he makes a lot of mistakes. That I can live with, but being petty like that on air was a bit of a stretch for me.

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She was the catalyst behind the convo after Harrisburg.

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Is the clip online somewhere if you are not a subscriber to ClipMyHorse or FEI TV?

I agree I think someone should just call it the way it is,I’m so sick of the announcers singing peoples praises when they have no business being in the ring and their horses being at risk.


The FEI has a YouTube channel, you might be able to find the live stream there.