Vert device reviews?

Just curious if anyone has used or has experience using the Vert device from I’m intrigued, but would love some feedback from current users. Thanks much!

I didn’t know what a Vert was, so I looked it up. I would guess it is controversial. At least to me, I wouldn’t find any use for such a device. Until you can feel “where your horse’s head is,” you aren’t experienced enough anyway to even wonder. It also (again, to me, MHO only) seems to focus on the horse’s head position. That’s the antithesis of correct dressage. You ride back to front. His head position will sort itself out based on how correctly you are riding him otherwise. I can see how it might be helpful in knowing speed or judging distance to a fence, but for dressage? Nope.


Head position is the reflection of what the rest of the body is doing. Sometimes! When some one comes upwith a device to measure ow accurately you are using the aids, that would be useful.

Oops! We already have that, it’s called an instructor.

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Ha! totally agree…It may be handy to have a device to use when you don’t have an instructor, but I’m not sure the angle of the head is the first variable in riding I would chose to buy a device to measure.

It’s pretty easy to tell the angle of the head from the saddle. It’s also easy to tell if the right neck muscles are engaged. That seems like the last thing I’d need tech for. Now something that you can’t see but have to feel, like how much horse is tracking up behind or whether they are really stepping over in shoulder in could be useful maybe. A backup camera attached to the girth? :slight_smile:


OOOOH! That would be cool! I wonder where you’d mount the view screen tho, to be able to see what was happening? I am interested in what things about riding we are supposed to feel our ways to improving tho; knowing that what we think we are feeling may not be in reality what is really happening. Like, I FEEL like I’m holding the contact even in both reins, but in reality I may not be. Or I FEEL like I’m sitting evenly on both seat bones but in reality I may not be. How to introduce tech into what the rider should be doing in a positive way? Not just the weird ‘your horses’ head is not at the right angle’, but something that could really improve the performance of both horse and rider.