Vest suggestions

I’m starting to dabble some in low-level eventing with my mare (tadpole or starter, really baby stuff). So, it looks like I will be needing a vest soon for XC.

I figure if I’m going to get a vest, I should get a decent one. But I also don’t want to/need to spend an arm and a leg on something that won’t get a ton of use. Would love suggestions for a good ‘starter’ vest and/or ideas of which features to look for as a must have.

I should also add that I live in a hot, humid area and so something that has some breathability would be a plus.

I just got a racesafe provent vest and I really like it. Alot of different sizes to fit different people & the vest foam has holes within it (safely) so air flows better. Also mesh instead of solid material. It fits me really well too.