Vet for PPE near Walnut Creek, CA?

Can anyone recommend a vet for a pre-purchase in the Danville/Walnut Creek area? The owner of the horse trailers out so any vet in the area wouldn’t be “her” vet.


Can you have the PPE done at Pioneer in Oakdale? If yes, Dr. Jackman or Dr. MacDonald.


Thank you, will call them!

Pioneer Equine Vet in the east bay is another option. Dr. Kielty does tend to be overly thorough, and some find her annoyingly so.

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Melissa Kielty’s thoroughness is exactly why I used her for pre-purchases when I lived in the area. She is fantastic, full stop.


I agree. I’ve known her since she was in vet school. And she is amazing at repro.

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That’s who I have the appointment with. Thanks, everyone!

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Aaaaaaand the seller just sold the horse to people who aren’t vetting him. I had the PPE scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

Rachael at Pioneer was very sweet about the late notice cancellation.

I’m so disappointed!

Ooof, so sorry!

I’m trying to think of it as dodging a bullet.

On to the next!