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Vet needed for PPE near Tacoma WA

Hi all - I am not from the Seattle/Tacoma area and am looking for a vet recommendation for someone who can do a through PPE on a horse I am considering purchasing.

Feedback on any of these guys or other suggestions would be most welcome! (please PM me if negative)

  • Sara Perkins
  • Rocky Bay Equine
  • Bob DeWard
  • Kent Tooman

Thanks so much!

I have used Dr. Bob, he is great and very affordable compared to many vets.

I used Sara Perkins for vet stuff when my horse was in training up that direction, and really liked her. I have not used her specifically for PPE, but I have observed some she has done (barn my horse was at was a sale barn so they had lots of PPEs going on) and thought she was quite thorough. Prior to being at that barn, she was recommended to me for a PPE (but timing did not work out) by a couple of trainers who I hold in high regard, so I think you’d be pretty safe with her.

My vet is the only one in the area that I trust with PPEs…mainly because she’s ridiculously thorough and brilliant at pinpointing why a horse may not be 100% and what the game plan should be moving forward. That’s not to say that there aren’t other good vets around…I’ve stuck mainly to the ones on the peninsula side of the water (where I am) and up north of Seattle from when I was living up that way.

I should probably say that she’s not cheap (but she’s also not outrageously expensive), but she’s hands down the best vet I’ve ever worked with for PPE and lameness evals. PM me if you’d like her info.

Rocky Bay Equine used to be my vet, Bo Weeks and Mark Ness were partners. Mark has since opened his own. Good, good vets although I do not have experience with them doing PPEs. They are in the Gig Harbor area.

Sarah is wonderful, thorough and very direct, honest good gal who knows her stuff. She is in the Olympia/Yelm/Roy area.

Kent is a leg man, he is the go to guy for soundness issues. He did many, many PPEs when I worked for a pretty well known breeder out here, I admire him and trust him implicitly. He is in the Kent (LOL!!)/Renton area between Tacoma and Seattle.

I don’t know the other. When I buy I will most likely use Dr. Dugan, I have moved from Gig Harbor to Tacoma and he is nearer than Rocky Bay–


Out of your list Kent is by far the most experienced and proficient at PPEs.

Thanks so much for the recommendations! I ended up using Kent Tooman and was very pleased with his input. What a nice guy and excellent vet.

Yep, agreed! Glad you had a good experience with the NW :slight_smile: