Vets for nail clipping?

my staff/english pit bull is 2 an half,his nails are need clipping just wonderd do vets do this for you if needed?not sure how much they would charge? live in nottingham england

Yes most vets will do it; so will grooming salons. Price depends on your location and how willing/unwilling your dog is.

Some vets will trim for free if you’re a regular client, others have a small charge. Right now one of my vets charges $8 for client trims, while the other does it for free (but there’s a longer wait).

I would go to a groomer first. I feel the grooming table set up is less stressful for dogs than the ‘hold em down’ method most vets seem to use.

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This is very true. My friend took her dog to the vet and they could not manage her. Found out they were trying to wrestle her down and terrifying her - the dog not the friend. :lol: Took the dog to a groomer and job was done no problem in a matter of seconds.

OP, regardless of where you are call around. Check facebook or the UK version of Yelp to see who gets good reviews. Ask other dog owners. Then call those places and check their prices. Vets here in US can charge anywhere from under $10 to $20 or more. I have three cats that are a total misery to trim (plus I’d like to keep my hands and face y’know?) so I have the vet do it. No groomers here will take cats and the only one that would also catered to bully breed dogs. No cats as snacks, k?

Most vets charge about £10 for nail clipping and the nurses do it :slight_smile:

BTW, in the UK I wouldn’t talk about having a pitbull - being as they’re a banned breed you know…

I work at a vet office. We do nail trims all the time. We charge $16. I think groomers do just as good of a job if not better, but I have no clue what their prices are like. Often times the nail trims we are doing at the vets office are on dogs that groomers won’t work with because the pet is more difficult to work with, or on cats because it’s hard to find groomers around here that work with cats.

I’m sitting in my car right now as the technician from my vet office clips my dog’s nails.

Best $14 I’ve spent all week.
She goes to a groomer for hair cuts, but had a broken nail and I wanted her at the vet because it was bleeding.

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