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Victor Substitutions

Mid America Pet Food recently recalled a large number of their pet food due to salmonella contamination - Mid America Pet Food Expands Voluntary Recall to Include Additional Dog and Cat Food Products Due to Possible Salmonella Health Risk

The Beef Meal and Brown Rice was my fail safe and a kibble that all my dogs did well on. Luckily I rotate and a hard switch for them isn’t too hard, but now I’m looking for other options until this passes.

If you fed any Victor kibbles - what are you substituting?

I’m a Victor feeder too and asking the same quesitons. Fortunately mine have been on their respective bags of food for a while with no adverse effects but they’ll be needing refills soon. My first thought is to use Purina Pro Plan. It’s been years, but I use to switch between PPP and Victor fairly regularly and never saw a difference in body condition, coat quality, or weight/energy management.

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I have a 5mo Great Dane and belong to two Great Dane Facebook pages. One of those pages has been blowing up since last week with this same question about the recall— it’s literally been asked probably 25+ times because I guess no one can be bothered to scroll or use the search function lol. Anyway, it looks like most people are really leaning toward Purina ProPlan, although there are also strong recommendations for Diamond.

The problem with posing a question about feeding on any forum/page where people really care about their pets’ health is that you’re going to get a lot of strong and varied opinions, and much of it will have to do with how their individual dog did on a specific brand (and what they were able to personally afford).

Someone commented on one of the feeding FB posts on that page last week that she has had four Danes through her life, and she fed her first one Ole Roy bc she was young, uneducated, and poor. And the dog lived to be like 12, which is ancient for a Dane. Now that she knows and can afford better, she tried to put her current Danes on a much higher quality brand and found it gave them diarrhea. Her vet recommended she “downgrade” to a less rich food, so she put them on Purina and they are doing super now. So her point was the more expensive (and even the more “organic”) brands are not necessarily what’s going to work better for your dog or you. You have to make decisions based on what makes sense from the big picture.


Totally agree, but it doesn’t hurt to ask to get some ideas on what other people find comparable. I have five dogs and regularly rotate. I have a good grip on what they can and cannot tolerate. I’m sure there are kibbles I don’t know about or wouldn’t necessarily think to look at unless someone plugged them.

I try to stay off a lot of those pages because there are some extremists. My oldest dog gets puppy chow filler because 1) she eats it and 2) it has enough calories in it that it helps her maintain her weight. It works for her so we’ll keep on keeping on.

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Absolutely agree with you on all counts-- and it sounds like wherever you land, you’ll be making the right decision for all your dogs.