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Video clip of Andreas Helgstrand's ride

This is the direct link or you can click here and then go to “2006 WEG Dogme TV”.

THANK YOU for posting this. Very nice mare.

Does the constant tail swishing have any effect on the score?

Now that’s some Pi n Pa:yes:

That’s an amazing horse! And rider too.


WOOOOOOOAH!! im not a dressage person…and i think thats AMAZING how the horse can like…trot and canter in place!! very impressive!!:eek: :yes: :smiley:

luv the ears

Yeah - go Denmark…

Thanks for posting this! Talk about a horse moving through her whole body … very inspiring.

Can anyone find the complete pedigree of Matine? We’ve got everything but the very bottom mother line.

It turns out that Silvermoon’s maternal great-grandmother, Sabrina III, was the mother of an ATA stallion, Schubert, who stood in California. She was imported and bred to Virgil.

I bred to Schubert three times, and the offspring are very supple and BIG movers. Unfortunately, he had no stallion sons but there are very nice daughters and granddaughters.


Wow. very espressive. although I found the constant tail swishing to be quite the distraction. Takes the beauty out of it a little.

Thanks for posting the link. There was no sound, at least on what came through for me, and just have to add that as Andreas was coming down the center line and doing the piaffe/passage sequence at the end, a collective “ahhhhhhh” rumbled up from the audience, following by a lot of “shhhhhhhh!!!” – and of course wild cheering at the salute. It was quite the experience --obviously a very enthused and educated crowd in attendance. :slight_smile:

I watched it on TV, the crowd went wild (well… as wild as a dressage audience goes!) for her final line!


Thanks for posting the clip. Wow! I was expecting a lot of tail swishing from comments posted on this BB, hardly noticed her tail at all, too busy watching her legs! The whole picture was great! Hope she goes to WC in Las Vegas, would love to see her in person.