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"Vifion"- blue roan show jumper

Has anyone heard of “Vifion” He is a blue roan that competes for Spain in show jumping (at least I think it’s a he). I have always wanted a blue roan jumper, one of those silly dreams I can’t get out of my head. Anyways, he’s pretty talented and I was trying to see if he was a stallion or maybe who his dad is? Anything really, all I could find was a video and some pictures. Thanks.

A quick google gave me this and a bunch of tumblr pictures.


Google her name and there are a bunch more. I know nothing about his breeding or whether he is a stud or she is a mare. I believe she is actually a mare based on a few show results. You also get a lot of hits with his name as “VISION” rather than “VIFION”. Vision is what his/her name is under for FEI. Her (I believe) rider is from Spain.

I think this is the same horse: https://data.fei.org/Horse/Performance.aspx?p=894FADDCCD760ED1A685752CF8881A18

Correct color/rider for the blue roan show jumper I found in some youtube clips. Perhaps there was a name change when the horse was sold to Spain? I couldn’t find any bloodlines listed.

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LOL, do you want one? I have one.