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Vincent- German Riding Pony Sire

I’m trying to locate the pony stallion Vincent by Van Gogh. He produced a really wonderful colt in the Westfalen foal auction this year.
Anyone know anything about him?

Is this him?


Hopefully the link works. I’m doing it from my iPhone.
If not, go to the Westphalia site. Click on hengst to search for stallions.


My wife and I noticed the same pony colt. I had intended to look up Vincent on my own. I’m glad someone else noticed him too


This pony foal was very good. I was one of the last bidders against the successful final bidder. But I backed off at 18k euros. :frowning:
But important to note this foal was very heavily influenced by his dsmsire Principal Boy- in smaller size, topline, movement, pretty much s carbon copy of the dsmsire and not much from Vincent in the exterior. I have ridden several from Vincent and he is a reliable producer of good, rideable, ponies but not “wow” movers.

Sorry for you honeylips.

Bloodlines form Principle Boy for reference for others.



I was there for the auction. He was impressive in terms of action and strength as well as conformation although I would have wished for a better canter and a more lose back.
Luckily he won’t leave the country. The couple who won him are locals. They were seated on our table and had sat around all day very quietly until Vincent Boy came in. At the end they got the better over Mr. Beckmann’s clients at 19K. Quite the nightmare.
I will say my premium pick would have been the other colt though who went for 14K. It will be interesting to follow both of them and see what they will do.

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I know this is a long shot as this thread is very old. Does anyone know if Vincent is still breeding? Or has any foals or weanlings set to be sold this year?