Vintage Fashion at the Dog Show! Morris & Essex (If Downton Held A Dog Show ... ;D )

Just for fun: Scenes from the 2021 Morris & Essex dog show held in October. I’ve posted a bunch of pictures of some of the outstanding outfits I saw that day.

Vintage Fashion at the Dog Show

This show is held every five years (due to covid, the 2020 show moved to 2021) and has a Vintage Style theme where exhibitors are encouraged to wear period clothing, hats, and fascinators. The time frame was essentially the 20s through the 50s, but I did see a few outliers as well. (Steampunk at the dog show anyone?!) So while most styles were actually past the Downton era, I’m sure Lady Violet would approve anyway of the dressy aspect and the hats! :wink: :grin:

So many people got into the spirit of the event – judges, handlers, even a few of the dogs! We were all snapping pictures of each other all day! It would be hard for me to name a favorite outfit from these photos. Hope you enjoy them. :camera_flash:

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Cute photos. I knew a lot of people there that day, and my good friend/breeder judged a Sweeps there. They had a blast. I think I remember it was kind of cold, though.