Vinyl for seats

Just curious if anyone has any suggestions for brands or types of vinyl to re-upholster seats in. Most of my vehicles are outside most of the year, I dont know a-lot about vinyl, but I would like to get a good source or brand of weather proof vinyl. In the past I have purchased it and it was very hit or miss as to the durability. Thanks in advance

Marine Vinyl.

Not a vinyl expert, so no help. But putting covers over vehicles may help extend the life of vehicle and the finish. Sun is very hard on paint color, wood, and vinyl. It fades, heats to expand and contract wood, breaking the finish microscopicly, allowing moisture under the surfaces, which will speed up wood rot, paint failure.

Car covers are a good way to protect vehicles both outside from rain and under cover. Blue tarps tend to leak a bit and will condense on the underside, to drip on whatever they are covering. Neither will stop moisture coming up under a vehicle from the ground. Underside wood can be unpainted/ unprotected from water, depends on who did the finish. You may want to check that to get the wood protected. It can be amazing how fast older vehicle deteriorate when kept outside. They can go to unusable in a very short time, though they LOOK alright. Wheel parts are especially vulnerable to wetting and drying effects.

Being in a very dry climate can dry those wood wheel parts so they are loose fitting, easy to break a wheel. That can happen even if stored out of the sun.

Probably why many of us have more modern, metal vehicles!

I like Morben All Sport for seats. It’s designed for motorcycles and jet skis and is very grippy. Grippy is nice on jog cart seats. It’s a little pricy, but worth it.

Sailrite has it and a good selection of vinyl and everything you need for reupholstery.

Most of my vehicles are all metal and powder coated with metal/rubber tires but the seats go the heck real quick, while having covers may work for vehicles you seldom use, having to take them off and put them on every day is a bit of pain.

I believe Frey uses Spralding upholstery fabrics, you can request samples of various colors online too: