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Vinyl saddle and bridle racks for shows a La McGuinn

Has anyone purchased vinyl saddle stands and bridle racks like this recently? We are looking to purchase as a trainer gift. I realize the wait times will be at least 6 weeks since it is custom.

Thanks for any insight. My emails and phone calls to try and ask a question and place an order have been ignored after the initial contact.

Have you tried Phoenix West?

So the challenge is that most of these brands do not sell DTC, but go through vendors. I’m the manager of Manhattan Saddlery and we work with Horse Fare on vinyl products like these. DM me if I can be of any help!

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By the way, it seems like you’re probably aware, but you’ve most likely missed the boat for Christmas—most companies run about 12 weeks, not six, for vinyl products.

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Just here to say…try again with Liz at McGuinn. I know, I know, I also despise working with vendors that can’t be bothered to return calls and emails. BUT their stuff is SO NICE once you get it! I did an order a couple of years ago and getting the details hammered out was like pulling teeth, but I get tons of compliments on my trunks and tack cleaning stand that it was worth it!


McGuinn told me it was 6 week. If they had responded to my second email in which I asked about placing an order, I would have made the Christmas window! I have had to move on because it would be nice to have the Christmas present by Easter! :wink:

Those are gorgeous!! I have sent five emails since November 1st and left two voice mails. I have been polite (I’m Canadian) but if they won’t take my order and credit card info, I am spinning my tires right?! I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when she went shopping the first time. :wink:

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Thank you!

I know. Emails went completely un answered for me. My best bet was calling when they were open, and sometimes voicemails worked. I even posted here because I thought something happened to them. :grimacing: Hopefully you can get through. Good luck!!

Thank you! Did you deal with Liz once you got someone to answer the phone?

Yes, she is the only person I dealt with. My sense is that she’s a little older (I don’t mean this in a disparaging way!) and emails might not come as naturally to her.

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If you finally get to place your order, could McGuinn send you a mock-up of the finalized item(s) you could copy & gift to your trainer as a kind of Gift IOU?

Or, is anyone going in on the gift artistic or tech savvy enough to do a drawing?

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I literally work across the street :joy:

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Aw, well, come in sometime! If you haven’t been in in awhile, we have loads of new brands and goodies.

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