Vinyl Trunks - McGuinn Farms

Hi friends!

Way back in the day when I was living in FL, McGuinn was THE place to get your trunk. I had been going back and forth with Liz McGuinn for months (partially my fault), but now it seems she’s gone dark. Both myself and my client have left multiple emails/voicemails, but her phone isn’t even ringing anymore.

  1. Does anyone know what’s going on with them? I hope she’s ok.
  2. If I continue to not get any response, who is the best in the field right now? I’m not really a fan of Phoenix West, but will go that route if it’s my only option. I am specifically VERY interested in the saddle stand below, which I’m pretty sure Phoenix West doesn’t even make.


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I have a friend who got her trunk a few months ago which had to be sent back due to errors and damage. The issues were resolved, but I don’t know if things at McGuinn have changed since.

I hope everything is alright with them. I got my trunk a couple years ago and luckily it turned out perfectly. I agree though that it’s not a good sign that the phone number is not accepting voicemail.

That is not normal for them AT ALL. They did a custom upright for me maybe 7 years ago? It is stunning & she was a great communicator. Hope all is okay.

My barn had a fairly large order of new trunks arrive in Feb–all are great, correct order, and delivered on time. That is really bizarre. They have always been responsive (and helpful) IME.

Hopefully everything is OK and they will get back to you soon!

I spoke to Liz mcGuinn about a month ago…

Update! I was able to get in touch with her yesterday and all is well. Not sure what was going on with their phone. Thanks for your comments though, they gave me the motivation to keep calling :rofl: