Virginia Trail Riding Environment

If you were contemplating a move to Virginia and looking forward to doing alot of trail riding, what areas would you look into? On the Internet, it sounds as if so many state parks have active equestrian trails and camping. This seems so different from my area of the country, where parks may say they allow horses, but horse traffic is very light, and it’s hard to feel confident about what you’ll find when you get there, in terms of footing, signage, or knowledgable support if you run into any problems.

Where in Virginia? If you can narrow it down for me a little, perhaps I could help.

In my part of Virginia, Central/around Richmond, there are state parks with active bridle trails and Wildlife Management Areas that are wonderful to ride in.

I also ride with a friend in Northern Virginia hunt country and there are amazing places to ride as well as amazing horse resources ther.

Thank you, McGurk! I am leaning toward the Lexington or Charlottesville area. I think Northern Virginia may be out of our price range for property, but, have trailer, will travel. :slight_smile:

I camp a couple times a year in SW VA, and absolutely love it. We ride in Jefferson National Forest, where the trails seem to be unlimited.

There are some great campgrounds if you are looking to horse camp.

I love it enough that we looked at property in that area three years ago, between Abingdon and Wytheville. Had the specific property we had looked at been as advertised, we probably would have made the move.